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We offer VMWARE Zimbra Colaboration Servers (ZCS). Zimbra is a email and calendar server with many extra features like  file sharing, tasks, contacts, social media, document management and simplified administrative controls all in an award winning webmail user interface built with the latest AJAX eb technology. ZCS also provides mobility and syncs to desktop client applications.





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Zimbra's Innovative End-User Experience

Delivering a powerful and more flexible web-based experience is a major component of the Zimbra mission. Traditionally, email has been largely a client-focused experience on a single desktop (which is fine for some users) but can limit productivity (fewer features, no anywhere access, not cross-platform). Zimbra's AJAX web experience liberates end-users by providing the best of both worlds (looks like a client but works on the web).

  • Work anywhere
    The Zimbra AJAX web experience works on any computer; email and files travel with you.
  • Go mobile
    Over-the-air sync to iPhone and BlackBerry plus virtually any device via our mobile web experience.
  • Work anywhere
    Large inboxes are easy to manage with Zimbra Tags, Conversation Views, and the Visual Search Builder.
  • Your client, your choice
    Zimbra also syncs with Outlook, Thunderbird and any other standards based clients that support POP/IMAP and iCal/CalDAV.
  • It's all-in-one
    Email, calendar, documents, files and instant messaging are integrated.


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